Confit Onion Jam

Yields: 10 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins

Hello Foodies,

This week recipe is all about a little condiment that i keep in my fridge for an extra umf to my sandwiches, burgers or wrap. My confit onion jam is not just to easy to make, it will just lift all your meat dishes too if you want you can put it everywhere.

I started using this onion jam for my catering business. We produce cocktail food and one of the recurring items is socth beef fillet roast, mayo, on a slice of baguette and confit onion jam. A marriage made on earth that will take you to heaven.

Enough said, happy cooking

Bon Appetit,



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  • Peel your onions, Measure your sugar, butter and water.
  • Slice your onion into small dice of 3mm.
  • Go fetch some Basil in the garden.
  • this arboriginal, native of western australia is an amazing herb that is very pepperi, spicy.
  • Place your onion in a sauce pan. This recipe is all in one cooking. So no stress, as you just need to keep an eye on it from time to time.
  • Wash and tare the leaves. Add them to the diced onions.
  • Add the butter.
  • Add the water.
  • Add the sugar.
  • Place the sauce pan on the stove and bring it all to a gentle simmer. Stir at the time.
  • Stir every now and then to make sure you do not give any coloration or burn the onions. the onions should strat to be traslucid after 10 min.
  • 20 Minutes cooking and all the water should have disappeared. the onion should start to look yellowish.
  • Place the confit onon jam in a container to cool down.
  • Place in a clean jar and in the fridge. I keep mine up to a month. however it is generally gone before that. Bon Appetit, Frenchy