How to Make the Best Mojito- Cocktail in the Bush- Karijini outback

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins

Hello Foodies,

This week i  take you back to two places in one.  The first place is Havana, Cuba, where the “Mojito” was born. The second place is Karijini National park in Western Australia. Paradise on earth shaped by an amazing landscape, beautiful rock formation with deep gorges and natural pools.

Chris, the other Frenchy, a brother to me, was really happy to share his “Mojito” recipe after a full day tracking the gorgeous of the Karijini National park.  I believe we really disserved that cocktail and the many more we had that night. Chris is an all rounder as a qualified Chef but also Maitre D and part of the French Barman Association. (instagram @tofer_froggy)

The Mojito is my cocktail of choice when it is really hot and humid. It is so refreshing, zingy, fresh… Just imagine a little bit of Rum, lime, sugar mint, ice and soda water…. As simple as this.

Hope you enjoy the video as i am sharing some insight of the beautiful national park.

Cheers to you all.

Remember to drink wisely and responsibly.



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  • For this recipe you will need 4 strong glasses and a Muddle. First cut the end of your limes and keep them for later for the garnish. Then cut your limes in halves. Then cut the Halves into 4 pieces.
  • Add about 6 fresh and clean mint leaves into each glass
  • Add the lime to the glass
  • Add a dash of soda water, about 10 ml
  • With the muddle press the lime to extract the juice. About 2 to 3 time by pushing down the muddle.
  • Add the sugar cane syrup (15ml per glass). If you do have raw sugar instead, use it.
  • Add the Rum (45ml per glass).
  • Add the ice.
  • Fill up the glasses to the top with soda water.
  • Using a spoon give a little stir to your cocktail to mix all flavours.
  • with the left over ends of your limes, cut a little wedge for garnish the edge of your glass.
  • Add few more fresh leaves of mint for garnish.
  • Taste it and voila.
  • The face of an Happy Camper :) Remember to drink responsibly


This cocktail can be made with any white Rum, the preference is still for Bacardi or Havana club.

You can make it a Mocktail, free of alcohol, with just Soda water.

Or try the Mojito Royal, with Champagne instead of Soda water.