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Marble cake-cookingwithfrenchy
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The Marble cake-Pound cake

Tips Here we use the creaming Method to make this cake. We mix the sugar and butter together to blend it together (cream it) whilst mixing. This will add little air cells in your batter mixture making your cake structure a little lighter but not spongy. Always preheat your oven and check the internal temperature. Conditioning your ingredients is important …

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Cooking Greens-Brussels sprout

Hello Foodies, This week is about cooking green using the methods of cookery “blanching” and “refreshing”. An easy way to parboiled your vegetables and to maximize the preservation of colours, nutrients and vitamins. “Far out, Brussels sprouts”, I know some of you hate them and others love them. I must say growing up I hated them. They were often insipid, …

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Old oven vs New oven

Hello Foodies, I hope you have had a good week end and check out few of my recipes and tips. This week i want to share a bit of a professional insight in baking and specifically about oven temperature. Many people contact me and tell me that they cant bake because their oven is “Sh$%^” or not working properly. Most …

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Tomato sauce tips

Buy your tomatoes form your local growers and if possible when they are in season. Roma tomatoes are great for this recipe but you can use any tomatoes. Look out, some growers market or shops do some great special sometimes. I got 10kg for $2.00. Keep the best tomatoes for your salads and the other for the sauce. You do …

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