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The Marble cake-Pound cake


Here we use the creaming Method to make this cake. We mix the sugar and butter together to blend it together (cream it) whilst mixing. This will add little air cells in your batter mixture making your cake structure a little lighter but not spongy.

Always preheat your oven and check the internal temperature.

Conditioning your ingredients is important for most cake techniques:

Try to have your butter at room temperature or a little soft.

Do the same with the eggs. If they are in the fridge just put them for 10 min in warm water to bring them to room temperature.

Use a tray under your tin whilst baking to avoid over spill and dirty your oven. In addition, it makes it easier to carry it and safer.

I always use a wooden skewer to check if my cake is baked properly. It should come out very clean without moisture or batter on it.

Always cool down your cakes fully prior cutting them. If you can’t wait the cake will either crumble, break, or the steam will travel through the blade and make the cake look uncooked.

This cake batter should not be over worked, or made too fast. So, making by hands is perfect but if you use a bench top mixer, use the slow settings.

You can keep the cake up to a week or two in an airtight container. But I doubt it will last that long. Or well wrapped up to 3 months in the freezer.


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