Tip of the week

Have you ever heard of a Bouquet Garni?

These are the ingredients for it. A bouquet garni is simply a bundel of aromates that is used to give flavours to stocks, soups, stews and casseroles. It is a secret weapon to many chefs and used in many recipes.

I describe it as the tea bag of cooking. It is often made with leek, bay leaves, thyme, parsley stals, peppercorn and fresh thyme. Chefs bundle it togehter using butcher string or muslim cloth.

Why do we do that? it is simply for ease of removing once your recipe is cooked. Imagin trying to fish out all of them out of your Beef casserole. we want the flavours not the texture of biting on a bay leave for example.

Hope you enjoy this Tip. for more info check out my quick video

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