Prawns and Fish Skewers-Fresh from the sea to the grill-Bush cooking style

Yields: 8 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 25 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 35 Mins

Hello foodies,

This recipe is a total reflection of the feeling you can have whilst discovering your own backyard. Due to Covid and only be able to travel Western Australia, we were heading back to Perth from Coral Bay and heard of a place named “Quobba Point” . This spot is located 75 klm North of Carnavon and nearly 1000 klms North of Perth.

I was going to show you how to make prawn skewers on a BBQ there as i got fresh prawns from Carnavon. However, when we got to this nearly deserted spot, we decided to go for a snorkel and later a bit of fishing. Normally the fish are always safe with me as i never catch anything (Hence why i buy my seafood).  Nevertheless, that day was magical and we caught so many fishes that we released as we thought they were too cute or small to have. But an hour into fishing and bam, the rod went crazy and the fight was on to land that massive Tailor Fish (a friend later on told me as i thought it was a local salmon ahahah) 73 cm and more than 3Kg.

So the recipe became not only prawns, but prawns and fish skewer on the BBQ – Bush style. Watch the video for more insights of this beautiful part of the world.

I hope you enjoy it and try the same in your Backyard as there is nothing better than seafood grilled on a charcoal BBQ.

Bon Appetit



0/7 Ingredients
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  • Wood fire, charcoal, fire pit, grill


0/25 Instructions
    Prepare your Fire Pit
  • Make sure to start with the fire pit. It takes a long time to get good nice red coals. Meanwhile if you are in the outback or like us in the bush on the coast. Enjoy a cold beverage, watch the sunset and get your fish ready where ever you gathered it from.
  • Preparing the Fish and prawns skewers
  • The Beast- Mr Tailor is a white flesh fish.
  • Fillet your fish using a sharp knife. I have a full video on how to fillet a round fish on my youtube channel. or watch the video here.
  • Remove te fillet from the central bone of the fish leaving as little as possible flesh on the bone.
  • Once the fillets are removed, with one hand grab firmly the tail side of the fillet. Incise the flesh gently, flatten the blade of the knife and remove the flesh from the skin.
  • Your knife should be at a 5% angle, nearly paralleled to the table.
  • Once done, soak your wooden skewers in water for 10 min. This will prevent them to burn to quickly during the grilling process.
  • Dice a capsicum in large 2 cm square and peel your onion.
  • Cut your onion in half and then in quarters again.
  • Cut your fish pieces into 2cm square too.
  • Grab a wooden skewer and pierce 2 or 3 layers of onions.
  • Skew a prawn.
  • Skew a piece of fish.
  • Skew a piece of capscicum.
  • Skew another piece of onion
  • Skew another prawn, another piece of fish and a piece of capscicum.
  • And voila 1 skewer is done.
  • Now you can try to do 3 skewers at once and get it done a little faster.
  • Bam so fast.
  • Move your coals a little to get them really bright red.
  • Heat up the grill
  • Place the Fish and prawns skewers on the grill. Turn them every 2 minutes to a quarter turn, clockwise if you want.
  • Voila after 8 minutes they are ready. Serve them with a nice salad of your choice. Bon appetit Frenchy.
  • Quobba point
  • Blow holes