Risotto Ala David – Red seafood Risotto

The best seafood risotto that you will ever come accross. Try it and share it, you will really be the talk of the dinner party.

Post-Christmas Quiche. How to use your left overs and No Blind baking technique.

I love quiches. Perfect for a quick lunch on the go, dinner with a salad, or little squares for your pre New years eve dinner. SO,  what are you waiting for? Whether you make your own pastry or not, just get in the kitchen and use all your left over. This recipe is super easy, everyone can do it. NO BLind baking required

Melon and Coppa Skewers-Ideal for your cocktail party

Melon and Coppa Skewers-Ideal for your cocktail party. The marriage between a sweet rock melon and coppa or prosciutto, is pleasure on earth and your taste buds. 

How to make a Pavlova-easy and delicious

This recipe is ideal for your Christmas dinner or lunch. this light dessert is ideal to finish on a sweet bite with the freshness of fruits. This delicate meringue is crunchy outside and a pillow tecture inside. It is topped with fresh berries, passion fruit, Macarons, Chocolate mint and coral crisp. 

How to make you own bread rolls and baguettes at home. French bread 101

This recipe is ideal to learn how to make your own bread.  As you will see in the video, it is easy and fun. I always find rewarding the process of making bread rolls or little baguettes. You just need 4 ingredients and magic happens. 

Chia Pudding for the family

If you never tried chia seeds pudding before, you will love this recipe. no cooking required and a healthy breakfast that will keep you going all morning.

How to make a smoked salmon and cheese Omelette-The Perfect Treat for any meals

This recipe shows you how to make the perfect omelette every time, by chef David . Delicious and nutritious. Ideal for any meals of the day.

How to make the best Mash potatoes-AKA PARIS POTATO MASH

Do you want to know the secret of a good potato mash ? here is my secret recipe. This is the best Parisian style potato mash you will ever taste. so get rady and start peeling, youll be the talk of the party.

How to make preserved ginger

This recipe is about having ginger always on the ready in the pantry. It will save you a lot of money and you will love the burst of flavours that preserved ginger bring to yuor dishes or baking.

Beef Bourguignon, My best Beef & red wine casserole.

This is a recipe you can easily prepare in advance. have it as a meal prep or even freeze for up to 6 months.
It is a beautiful dish using cheaper cut of meat that will not hurt your pocket and will leave your guests asking for the recipe… I know Kerry has been asking already hahahaha