MacarOOns the coconut biscuit

Macaroons made of coconut are super easy to make. You ll be amazed by how delicious and addictive they are

Sausage roll- Aussie Style

This recipe is for the sausage roll lovers. If you are using convenient puff pastry, this little bites should only take you about an hour to make. Impressed your guess at your next party. they are worth to make over the already made one.

Sourdough Croissants recipe

this week recipe is about making croissant with a sourdough starter, ” le croissant au levain”. An old method to make croissants, using natural yeast and non commercial yeast. As you may know working with sourdough starter is not always easy but very rewarding in terms of flavours of your end product.

Sourdough Bread recipe (65% Hydration)

A sourdough recipe that is nice and easy. just be patient and let the bread rise.

Best Choux pastry-How to pipe Eclairs shape

Always wanted to learn how to make choux Pastry?  well here you are. I am sharing with you my recipe and techniques to make the choux pastry but also how to pipe the “Eclair” shape like a pro. It took me few trial and error to be able to understand how choux pastry works… Hence this video and recipe for you. If you follow it , you should be able to reproduce it just like i do.

Anzac Biscuits

In this video I am showing you how to make some quick and easy Anzac Biscuit. Full recipe in the link below.

Confit Onion Jam

My confit onion jam is not just to easy to make, it will just lift all your meat dishes too if you want you can put it everywhere. 

I started using this onion jam for my catering business. We produce cocktail food and one of the recurring items is socth beef fillet roast, mayo, on a slice of baguette and confit onion jam. A marriage made on earth that will take you to heaven. 

Banana, choc and walnuts Muffins

These are the best banana and chocolate muffins made by chef David from France. they are delicious and so quick to make

Friands- Blueberries and Macadamia nuts.

This recipe is all about love in a little cake. The friands are the cousin of the French Financier and often flavoured with fruits. The financier tends to be made with nutty butter and almond only, whereas the friands can be flavoured with berries and other nuts. Both of them are just divine and so easy to make. 

Coral tuile- The ultimate garnish for your plates

This video will show you how to create tuile looking like corals. This recipe is about embellishing your dishes and rising your plating style to another level.