poached eggs

Poach Eggs-How to poach eggs perfectly

Poached eggs are just the best. Especially, if the eggs are fresh as the morning. Poached eggs are the healthiest way to cook eggs. The yolk is slightly cooked and enclosed in the white, ready to run away at first poke. Poached eggs are very nutritious and delicious anytime of the day, yet I love them for breakfast. I am …

Lobster stock- A great base for sauces and soups

this week recipe is about going back to basics. Often people ask me how do I make such a good sauce or soup or even what is the secret to your risotto? The Key is always to make a good stock (Broth). But what is a stock? Imagine a tea bag, you place some herbs in a liquid to infuse for a certain amount of time. Well this is the same concept with bones or shells with some herbs and vegetables to extract a maximum of flavour. I have been a head sauce chef for few years and perfected the art of sauce. This week I am sharing my recipe for a great lobster stock.

Confit Onion Jam

My confit onion jam is not just to easy to make, it will just lift all your meat dishes too if you want you can put it everywhere. 

I started using this onion jam for my catering business. We produce cocktail food and one of the recurring items is socth beef fillet roast, mayo, on a slice of baguette and confit onion jam. A marriage made on earth that will take you to heaven.