Marble cake-cookingwithfrenchy

Marble cake-Pound cake

Hello Foodies, Today i deliver you the Marble cake recipe. I hope you enjoy baking this week end and share the love around with this beautiful cake. That cake is a classic among family members, kids and friends. It is because often it brings you childhood memories of your grand ma or your mum baking that cake. This cake is …

Honey cake

This is an easy cake to make that will satisfy every honey lover. Don’t wait  and get baking This cake is an adaptation to the old Medovnik Russian honey cake.  The cake is made of layers of honey cakes that are soft and moist with a honey sour cream. The cake is easy to make but take a bit of …

Mini Prawn Vol au Vent

This recipe and video is to show you how to make easy canapes and finger food for nibbles, bites or cocktail parties. Prawn vol au vent are always succesful at dinner parties or cocktail parties. These are easy to make and can be prepared in advance ( 1 day before your party). Ideal for Christmas or new years celebration or any kind of Parties. 

Best Choux pastry-How to pipe Eclairs shape

Always wanted to learn how to make choux Pastry?  well here you are. I am sharing with you my recipe and techniques to make the choux pastry but also how to pipe the “Eclair” shape like a pro. It took me few trial and error to be able to understand how choux pastry works… Hence this video and recipe for you. If you follow it , you should be able to reproduce it just like i do.

Sourdough Croissants recipe

this week recipe is about making croissant with a sourdough starter, ” le croissant au levain”. An old method to make croissants, using natural yeast and non commercial yeast. As you may know working with sourdough starter is not always easy but very rewarding in terms of flavours of your end product.