Tomato sauce like Nonna

Tomato sauce like “Nonna” used to do

The video is accessible here: This tomato sauce recipe is simply the best, full of flavours and easy to recreate. This is a sauce that you do not have to spend a lot of time to make. It was passed on to by a Nona from Montepulciano a little village of Tuscany in Italy. She once told me, that …

Lobster stock- A great base for sauces and soups

this week recipe is about going back to basics. Often people ask me how do I make such a good sauce or soup or even what is the secret to your risotto? The Key is always to make a good stock (Broth). But what is a stock? Imagine a tea bag, you place some herbs in a liquid to infuse for a certain amount of time. Well this is the same concept with bones or shells with some herbs and vegetables to extract a maximum of flavour. I have been a head sauce chef for few years and perfected the art of sauce. This week I am sharing my recipe for a great lobster stock.