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Old oven vs New oven

Hello Foodies, I hope you have had a good week end and check out few of my recipes and tips. This week i want to share a bit of a professional insight in baking and specifically about oven temperature. Many people contact me and tell me that they cant bake because their oven is “Sh$%^” or not working properly. Most …


Sweet short crust pastry tips

Once you roll it out in a tin let it rest another 30 min prior baking. Due to the gluten content of flour, the dough is stretch and you work the elasticity. A dough that is worked too long will easily shrink and not give you the perfect result. Think of yourself, after a workout you need to chill and …

Hand Made “pasta dough”

This pasta dough recipe is simply easy to recreate. Recipe video on you tube at There is nothing more fun that making your own pasta and it is so different than the industrial pasta available in shops. This was passed on to by a Nona from Montepulciano a little village of Tuscany in Italy. She told me, that back …

news Tip of the week

Tomato sauce tips

Buy your tomatoes form your local growers and if possible when they are in season. Roma tomatoes are great for this recipe but you can use any tomatoes. Look out, some growers market or shops do some great special sometimes. I got 10kg for $2.00. Keep the best tomatoes for your salads and the other for the sauce. You do …


Hello Foodie World!

Welcome and Bonjour to my Blog. I am David, a French chef living in Australia. I worked and traveled all over the world to bring you and share with you my best recipes and tips to make cooking and baking a little easier. Let’s the journey begin.

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