How to Make a simple naked cake

Naked cake or layered cake without to much fuss are becoming very popular the last few years. People are becoming more heath conscious and do not want heavy, sugary cake covered with marzipan or Fondant.

The beauty about them, is they are easy to make if you follow few steps. Think what base of cake or sponge you like? what filling inside? what do i do to cover, finish and decorate?

Here, i share with you the tips and secret to make a very light, fresh, delightful and lower in sugar than traditional cakes.

In the video below, you will see how to build the cake once you have your ideas ready. By that i mean your sponge-cake, filling and decoration. For this cake i used a very light textured vanilla songe, a chantilly cream and mix berries and finished with a bit of vanilla buttericing.

Link to the Vanilla sponges
Link to the Chantilly Cream

Happy baking everyone,

Link to vanilla Buttercream

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